George V. Maloney & Co. Solicitors’ involvement in the landmark cases of Maguire v Shannon Regional Fisheries Board and Shannon Regional Fisheries Board v Cavan County Council established the law in Ireland in relation to pollution discharges into waters as being a strict liability offence under the Fisheries Consolidation Act 1959.

Environmental law is a complex area and you need a firm willing and able to navigate you through it, and George V. Maloney & Co. Solicitors has the wealth of knowledge required to do this.

The regulating authorities (Environmental Protection Agency, Local authorities, Health and Safety Authority, Inland Fisheries Ireland, Department of Environment, Community and Local Government) enforce breaches of environmental law.  Their response to breaches may include issuing warning letters, statutory notices requiring action, threats to prosecute, and in cases of persistent or large-scale environmental law breaches, Court prosecution and Court orders.

You could say that George V. Maloney & Co. Solicitors has a lifetime worth experience in providing environment law legal guidance and the protection of rights and interests of private individuals, businesses and local authorities alike on all matters concerning environmental law and practice in Ireland.

Contact George V. Maloney & Co. Solicitors today to allow us to advise you on all things environmental, including:

  • Water Pollution
  • Air pollution
  • Inland Fisheries
  • Waste Management
  • Environmental permits and consents
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

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George V.Maloney & Co. Solicitors is a full service law firm situated in the heart of Cavan town.

The practice is in its 3rd generation under the management of its principal, Jacqueline Maloney. Established in 1915, the firm boasts well over 100 years in service.

George V.Maloney & Co. Solicitors is proudly recognised as one of the largest legal practices in the Mid-North and North-West regions.